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Power Control Center
We are engaged in manufacturing of power control centers from the best raw materials.We meet the requirements of International Standards along with compliance to local standards and regulations.

The complete structure shall be rigid, self supporting & free from twists and bends. They will have fixed or draw out type executions as many be desired. The panels will be totally dust and vermin proof.The entire panel will undergo 7/8 tank pretreatment process covering degreasing, water rinsing & de-rusting/ phosphating. It will be powder coated with RAL 7032(Siemens Grey) /7035/2000 as per requirements.

Aluminium / Copper Bus will be placed through out the length of the panel bars supported on appropriate SMC /DMC insulators / finger supports. Internal wiring shall be carried out with 1100/650 volt grade PVC insulated multi stranded copper flexible wire. All joints will be solidly crimped using copper thimbles Earthing Bus Bars will be running all along the board.

Switch Gears/ Components Along with the General Arrangement (GA) drawing ,Single line diagram (SLD) and bill of material (BOQ/BOM) will be submitted specifying the makes & capacities of all the material to be used in the panel.Our Panels confirms to the standards such as, IS 4237; IS 8623; IS 375 Switch Gears/ Components .

TYPE Fixed , drawout ,compartmentalized ,dust & vermin proof
PROTECTION CLASS IP42 / IP 54 – Optional
RATED VOLTAGE Std. 415 / 440 V, 50 HZ, 3 phase, 4 wire
RATED CURRENT As per requirement
SHORT CIRCUIT LEVEL 35 KA / 50 KA /70KA for 1 sec
ENCLOSURE TYPE Indoor / Outdoor
BUSBAR Aluminium / Copper, Electrolytic grade
BUS CHAMBER Air cooled with louvers
CABLE ALLEY Ample space for cabling with supports
CABLE ENTRY Top or Bottom