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DG Synchronization Panel
We are the pioneers in introducing PLC based DG synchronization panels to the Electrical panel industry in northern region .With years of experience and on site troubleshooting/diagnosis capabilities we have designed our DG synchronization panel with great care , consider ing the protection of DG sets and associated switchgear for optimum workability .

It is used to supply DG set power in absence of main power. It comprises of control of DG set as well as switching of breakers. In absence of main source it starts the first DG set & synchronizes with the second DG set automatically along with auto load(KW/KVAR) sharing , the same procedure is followed with balance DG sets as per load demand . The DG sets are switched ON & OFF as per the load requirement . On restoration of Grid Power , DG ACB’s are tripped and Load is transferred to Grid power. DG sets remain in running condition for a specific cooling time as specificed by generator manufacturer and subsequently DG sets are shutdown.

TYPE Fixed , drawout ,compartmentalized ,dust & vermin proof
PROTECTION CLASS IP42 / IP 54 – Optional
RATED VOLTAGE Std. 415 / 440 V, 50 HZ, 3 phase, 4 wire
RATED CURRENT Upto 6000A main busbar rating
SHORT CIRCUIT LEVEL 35 KA / 50 KA /70KA for 1 sec
ENCLOSURE TYPE Indoor / Outdoor
BUSBAR Aluminium / Copper, Electrolytic grade
BUS CHAMBER Air cooled with louvers
CABLE ALLEY Ample space for cabling with supports
CABLE ENTRY Top or Bottom
SYNCHRONIZING Auto changeover & transfer . Auto Synchronizing/parelleling of DG sets Auto loads sharing (KW/KVAR) Load dependent start stop